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Yesterday was the first day of school for my son.  It was a bittersweet morning.  He was so happy it is his “last” first day as he is now a senior and it was sad for me as it is officially my “last” first day of school with my kids.  I never thought the time would come that I would actually miss this annual event and was shocked that I was a bit sad.  But with the end of this phase we are now excited and looking forward to his new adventure as a senior and beyond.  (http://zeroclick.bigcartel.com/)

With that being said.. September is also a reminder that the lovely fall weather is right around the corner.  We just received some really great sweaters from Free People and Wildfox yesterday and with these I am longing for those chilly days when I can throw one of these on.  And yes… I am taking home one of everything. I have a shopping problem.

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Are you ready for the Royal Wedding?

Only 7 days left until the big day!  Are you ready?

I am so so so ready!  I have plans to be in front of my tv with my pj’s on and my favorite blanket ready to keep me warm through the evening/morning.  I will be waiting for the big moment and also watching all the stuff that goes on before the actual wedding begins. It is going to be an early morning (or late evening) out here in the Pacific Northwest and I plan on being awake to watch it live (lots of coffee I am sure!)  It seems like only a few years ago that I laid in bed watching the wedding of Diana and Charles “dreaming” of the day that I would meet my prince charming.  Little did I know that my “prince” was actually only a couple of blocks away and we would meet four years later.   Nor did I know that Diana’s prince was not prince charming at all, but in reality a toad.

Let the countdown begin to the big day of Prince William marrying his princess. And how wonderful that right now a fairytale is coming true for one young girl.  Kate Middleton will become a real princess.

Need pj’s for the big day? Wild & Free have the cutest pieces called “British Invasion” which are so comfortable and are perfect for us that will be hiding under the covers and blankets watching the wedding in the wee hours.


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Peace Love World

Just received our first shipment of the new line “PEACE LOVE WORLD”.

So soft and comfortable and to share the words of Peace and Love… perfect! 

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Still love what I am doing…

Just returned from our trip to Los Angeles for market week.  This was definitely my favorite trip down to market!  Not only were the clothing pieces we ordered for Fall amazing (wish they were coming to the store tomorrow) but we met some of the kindest and sweetest women who are also boutique owners from all over the US. Every one of them had positive attitudes and their passion for what they do has never wavered.  One of them is about to open her 18th and 19th store this year!! That was amazing to hear!  All I hear these days is negative information and I loved hearing such positive things for a change.  Very uplifting.

When Michele and I were in the beginning stages of putting together the business plan for our store, we went around and interviewed other boutique owners, trying to gain insight into what we were about to embark on, and it was a bit shocking that not one person told us they still enjoyed it and then they also tried to discourage us from opening our own boutique.  I remember feeling sad, but I held fast to my dream and the thought of having my dream becoming a reality. I was determined to make it happen and hoped that I would never feel the way that they did.  Well… its been almost 5 1/2  years since we started this adventure.  And guess what?  I still love what I do! I love our store and our customers!  I am still just as passionate today (if not more) than when we first opened our doors.  And after meeting such amazing women in Los Angeles I am reminded that it was the passion that got me to where I am and it is that passion that will take me into the future and will help overcome any and all obstacles.  

Life is an adventure.  And I love it!!


(had to post this picture!  We were cracking up with the whole “matchy-matchy” outfits we tried on)

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The hunt is on….

So we are trying to find a place to relocate the store. Our lease is up at the end of this year and we are OUT OUT OUT!  We need a location that is more visible, has great traffic, and really reaches out to everyone.  In one of the reviews of our store, the writer/reviewer said such great things about OLIVE…and then her last comment “tragically located” made me cringe.  That hit home.

So… the hunt is on.  Got to find a place that is “fantastically located”!!

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New Fashion Obsession!

I have found my newest obsession!

Last decade found me filling my closet with embellished hoodies and sweatpants.  This year - I am obsessed with the sweatshirt!  Who hasn’t found that their favorite “comfort” piece to wear is that old raggy sweatshirt that you have had since high school. It has holes and stains on it, but oh how great and comfy it feels when pulling it on. It is so uber soft!  However, I don’t know about you, but you will not find me wearing my raggy sweatshirt out in public.  It’s not exactly attractive to anyone other than me.  

Then… I found Wild Fox Couture!!!  This line is so freakin adorable and their sweatshirt (what they call their baggy beach jumper) is everything I could ever want! They are so amazingly comfortable and their designs are so fun!  I love the mornings when I know that I have errands to run and that I can throw on one of these “jumpers”.  It makes me smile every time I put one on!

Strange to have a piece of clothing that brings on such emotion - but I can’t help it!  I smile and I laugh more when wearing these darn things.  Call me strange. But it’s true!  I  Wild Fox Couture!

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Today is a great day to remind us to tell those we love, how much they mean to us.

"To the world you may be one person.  To one person you may be the world".

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!  May your day be filled with Love, Hugs and Chocolate!